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9th June 2012: Bluntisham CC - 2nd XI vs Littleport Town CC - 1st XI

posted 10 Jun 2012, 10:35 by Littleport Cricket Club Admin   [ updated 10 Jun 2012, 11:39 ]
The ground was wet ... very wet, but Bluntisham were just as keen as us to get some cricket under our belts and they should be congratulated for that!
Bluntisham won the toss and decided to put us in to bat.
It was clear from the start that the ball was going to come off the pitch slowly and there wouldn't be any problem with bounce.
Unfortunately Andy (me) had too many choices with the ball bouncing mid-wicket and slowly ... so slowly ... coming towards me.  Should I hook, drive or play down the leg.  I took the latter choice and instead of glancing it delicately to leg ended up playing all round it ... what a numpty.
Fortunately I was followed by a team who could tell one end of a bat to the other with some good knocks from Chris (a sweeptastic 37), Scott (a boom boom 31), Mark H (it stayed low -- where's the goose? 20) and Finley (a stylish 16 n/o) meant we ended up with a reasonable score on a wicket which was keeping low and slow with boundaries hard to come by - 155 all out after 39.3 overs.
After a tea consisting of caramel waggon wheels (they've so shrunk) and home-made cake (real cream and strawberries -- Leisure Centre please note!).  Jo showed his ability to eat anything including some weird wafer coated marshmallow sandwich.  Finley showed that even after being told the spring rolls are all the same he had to try 3 before admitting defeat.  And yes, Finley, you can eat the rice paper under the biscuit ... although it turns out that was the tastiest bit ;-)
By the time we took to the field the wind had dropped a touch and the pitch had dried a tad giving our bowlers some hope.
The lunch had obviously involved far too much sugar as our warm up seemed to mainly consist of left-arm 'twirlers' -- if only I had my camera ... there's something particularly hilarious about a bunch of cricketers trying to bowl cack handed.
Highlights of our fielding included Jo marauding the boundary -- his animal magnetism was obviously in full effect (for the ball at least) as he charged up and down the boundary.
Scott showed us why he enjoys fielding in close with a spectacular catch.
Talking of spectacular ... BEN TOOK A CATCH!  Ben's now on 1 for 1 ... no pressure Ben :-)
Consistency paid off for all four of our bowlers - with Scotty getting plenty of movement - only allowing Bluntisham to score 58 after 22.5.
Another great team effort guys.  Long may it continue.


LTCC: 155 for 10 off 39.3

Chris: 37
Scott: 31
Mark H: 20
Finley 16

Bluntisham: 58 for 10 off 22.5

Chris: 3 for 10 from 6
Liam: 2 for 16 from 6
Mark S: 3 for 13 from 5.5
Ben: 2 for 17 from 5