11th May 2013: The weather intervenes against Cherry Hinton

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The weather conspired against us again while we were making great inroads into Cherry Hinton's batsmen.

The match was abandoned with Cherry Hinton on 66 for 6 after 26.

Here are a few snaps from the match (thanks Steve!)

Jamie Leonard gets one of his 2 wickets of the day and only conceding 10 from his 4 overs.

Mark Harlock pounces for another spectacular catch.

Conor's great run of form continues taking 1 wicket and only allowing 11 runs from his 7 overs.

The final score once rain had intervened.

Ground Maintenance 4th April 2013

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The season gets ever closer and as there was a break in the weather we decided to attack the outfield.

Sawing, mowing, digging, rolling we did it all.  Back-breaking work but worthwhile.

A special thanks to Peter from TNS for his great work on the mowers.  Our cylinder mower now has razor sharp blades that a Samurai would be proud of.  He spent a lot of time looking after the big mower replacing a hydraulic hose that had been leaking and cleaning out the radiator fins which had clogged up with dirt over the years and making sure we don't get any unpleasant surprises during the season.

A big THANKS to all our sponsors

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Many thanks to all our corporate sponsors.  Without their support the club would struggle to survive on subs, match fees and donations from our band of volunteers, members and their families.

Here are a selection.

Thank you all.

Thurlow Nunn Standen

Thurlow Nunn Standen have supported the club for a number of years now.  They are a local agricultural machinery company based in Littleport.  They are generously making sure that all our machinery is kept running running over the season.  This is, of course, vital before, during and after the season is over.

Many thanks!

The Spice Lounge

The Spice Lounge in Littleport hosted our fundraising Curry Night which raised a fantastic £340 in the end.  The food was great ... we'll be back!

Much appreciated

Port Plumbing

Port Plumbing are a local heating, bathroom and electrical supplier how have been generous enough to donate £50 to us.

We'll be sinking the donation straight into the Cricket Club.

LG Cars

LG Cars is a used car company based in Littleport.  A group of colleagues from LG Cars joined us at our recent Curry Night fundraiser.  This gave the Cricket Club a chance to meet the team and thank them personally for their generous donation.

Thank You!

Caravans vs Cricket pitch => quagmire

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This is the results of a few caravans from the caravan club being parked on the pitch. Downpour and snow overnight left them stuck in the mud. To pull them out they hired a vehicle which they used to drag them out and this is what it looked like.

The Leisure Centre has rolled the worst of it out, but there's still loads of work to be done.
It's still touch and go whether we'll play at home in the early part of the year, but we'll have to see.

A few of us did some work on the ground ... let's hope it's all worth it!

The cake sale was a great success

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Thanks to all our supporters and Harry arranging and managing the stall we managed to raise a fantastic £130 by selling sponges, buns and cakes.

Thurlow Nunn Standen pledge to support the club again

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The local agricultural machinery and farm equipment company Thurlow Nunn Standen have yet again shown their commitment to the local community by supporting us again this year. They will be servicing all our equipment making sure our mowers and rollers have a trouble free year ahead of them.
This is, of course, great news for the club and our thanks go to all the team there as we look forward to their help throughout the year.

Saturday 30th March: Bake sale

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We're raising some some money for the club baking some cakes.
We'll be selling them on 30th March outside the Bargain Centre in the village.
Get there early to avoid disappointment.
Club members and their families will be busy baking up a storm and if you would like to contribute please feel free to get in touch with me (Andy Race, club secretary or Steve Harrison via the Leisure Centre.

Curry night fundraiser

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Curry, beer a quiz and Farnell's speech -- 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

Thanks to the Spice Lounge for hosting us again and generously donating half the proceeds from the food to the club -- your generous support is greatly appreciated.

Finley shows off our new kit design.  If the cricket career doesn't work out there's still catalogue modelling to fall back on.

Bez and his family get ready to tuck into the great grub:

Steve on his way to winning the quiz ... just. 

28th February 2013

Coach Education – Autumn/Winter Courses 2012/2013

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The Cambridgeshire Cricket Board has a very active Coaches Association (ECBCA - Cambs) which is responsible for running all coach education courses in Cambridgeshire.

Coach Development Workshops / Club Coach Award

The workshops will take place at various locations (i.e. Cambridge Regional College, King’s Hedges Road, Cambridge, CB4 2QT; The Cambs FA, Bridge Road, Impington, Cambridge, CB24 9PH; Fenner’s Indoor Cricket School, Gresham Road, Cambridge, CB1 2ES; and St Bede’s Inter-Church School, Birdwood Road, Cambridge, CB1 3TD).

There are six modules, as below. There may also be an opportunity to take the Club Coach Assessment (after a Refresher session) – date to be arranged.

Monday 29 October 2012, Cambridge Regional College – 7pm to 10pm

Coaching batters 1

Revision of key principles

Pre-delivery movements

Additional shots


Coaching opportunities

Wednesday 31 October 2012, Cambs FA, Impington – 7pm to 10pm

Coaching a team

Pre-match preparation

Role of coach during match

Post match work

Using games in training

Planning club nights

Wednesday 21 November 2012, Cambs FA, Impington – 7pm to 10pm

Coaching batters 2

Follows on from earlier workshop

Tuesday 27 November 2012, Fenner’s Indoor Cricket School

                        Working in the Nets

Purposes of nets

Advantages and disadvantages

Revision of net management

Practical coaching opportunity

Net variations

Using bowling machines

Tuesday 18 December 2012, St Bede’s Inter-Church School – 6pm to 9pm

Coaching wicketkeepers & fielders

Additional keeping techniques

Practical coaching practice

Using drills with keepers

Additional fielding techniques

What makes a good fielding drill?

Tactical considerations

Thursday 3 January 2013, Cambridge Regional College – 6pm to 9pm

Coaching Bowlers

Revision of key principles

Observation and analysis practice


Seam and spin variation

14th July 2012: LTCC excel at March

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It was a familiar sight this summer: Pitch black clouds pouring their contents on the Fens as far as the eye could see.  We were filled with dread as we made our way through the driving rain, surely we couldn't lose yet another match to this relentless barrage of Jet Stream induced misery.
Love them or hate them March IV's artificial pitch means they can play while many can't.

Littleport batted first and putting last week's nightmare behind him Stewart joined Adrian to open the batting attack.  The meadow doubling up as a pitch didn't do them any favours.  Any fours had to be struck with timing and vigour which Stewart and Adrian had in spades, however, Stewart's 65 included only 4 fours while Adrian's 51 included only 2 fours and a glorious 6.  Ones and twos were the order of the day -- it's lucky they're both fit :-)

We'd made 75 for 0 after 20 so it was looking good but a double-wicket in the 25th over smelt of a LTCC collapse.
Paul br
I (Andy) joined a puffing Stewart at the crease and we had a short spell together and as Stewart departed Jinner joined me.  It's always fun watching Jinner play -- so long as you're on the same side.  He'd 'played himself in' within an over and set about attacking the final half dozen overs with vigour.  I departed for 22 with one glorious 6 -- ok it was mainly down to my bat having a thick edge -- from 10 overs while Jinner's 28 came from about 4 overs with 3 sixes and 2 lost balls.

Bez showed us all one of the reason's he's such good value as a player ... his comedy value that is.  The artificial was very slippery and the sprung wickets and March's wicket keeper were lucky to survive a particularly spectacular fall while Jinner -- the whippet -- asked for a second.  Bez's momentum was too much for the wicket and he went flying.  Classic Bez!

Jinner was dismissed after smashing two 6s back over the bowler's head.  With vigorous encouragement from all his team-mates Chris managed to survive the final ball.

After a great tea we resumed play with March needing to get 201.
Changing rooms

Young Finley joined the not so young Chris to open the bowling.  At 10 overs the opening batsmen were contained to 28 runs, suffering even more than we did with the meadow-like outfield.

Wickets soon started tumbling and a number of March players couldn't even wait for the result and decided to leave -- ensuring we all knew they were off by departing with a cheerful toot on their horn while our bowler was mid delivery.  I'm sure the remaining March players were as disappointed as we were and maybe the batsmen who wanted to see me next Tuesday would like to get in touch I'm sure we can enjoy a nice chat over a pint -- although I'll decline his more intimate invitation.

The narrow pitch was made even narrower by at least 6 inches of overgrowing grass which meant we had to move the popup stumps 4" over to place it nearer the middle of the playable surface.  The carpet was particularly slippery with loose fitting parts forming ruts near the popping creases.  A number of batsmen slipped trying to turn for a second run which showed how difficult is was for both sets of bowlers.  Hopefully they will have a chat with the council about getting the outfield cut and take an edger to the pitch.
A gritty opening partnership lead onto a great team effort in the field.  Accurate bowling and energetic fielding meant Stewart had the comfort of being able to place an aggressive field including 4 slips and a gully at times.

Littleport Town Cricket Club: 201 for 5 from 40

Stewart 65
Adrian 51
Andy 22
Jinner 28
Bez 12

March IV: 86 all out from 30.3

  Overs Mdns Runs Wkts
 Chris 10 1 33 1
 Finley 6 1 15 1
 Jinner 9 2 15 4
 Ben 4 0 14 2
 Paul 1.3 0 6 1

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